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Over the Fence
Yoshio Shiraiwa (Joe Odagiri) is dumped by his spouse and goes again to his hometown of Hakodate. He then enrolls at a vocational faculty, whereas receiving unemployment funds. At the vocational faculty, he meets Kazuhisa Daishima (Shota Matsuda). Someday, Kazuhisa Daishima takes him to a cabaret. There, Yoshio Shiraiwa meets a hostess, Satoshi Tamura (Yu Aoi). She possesses one thing ...
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Onnanoko Kirai
Kiriko is pretty girl, working at an office. She also binge eats and then makes herself vomit. The male workers like her, but female workers hate her. Kiriko believes that the only that matters for a woman is being cute. Kiriko has Yuto, who works at a bar. The relationship between Kiriko and Yuto is more than friends, but less ...