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Castaway on the Moon – in praise of visual comedy


Tony, from Each Body a Portray YouTube channel, has a visible essay about movie comedy. He talks about how these days comedy movies, particularly these coming from Hollywood with their dependence on dialogue and close-ups are extra like staged improv than a movie. This fashion, they miss out on all the chances of the medium. Edgar Wright is a shining exception, as Tony factors out, and his films (that I really like!) are a masterclass of the best way to do movie comedy proper. Now, going again to the Asian cinema, – I’ve not seen that many comedies (few exceptions – Breakup Buddies, Kung Fu Hustle, three Idiots). Humour is tough to translate, and will get actually “misplaced in translation”. But when many of the comedy comes from the visible expression, that makes it completely different (that’s why the silent period comedies are humorous to most). It was a pleasing shock to look at Hae-jun Lee’s Castaway on the Moon and see how he embraced the visible side of comedy.

After a contented farming train. Hae-jun Lee’s “Castaway on the Moon”

Within the movie, we observe tales of two castaways – female and male Kim (a typical final identify in South Korea) and their tragi-comedic methods of coping with alienating trendy city life. First, we meet the male Kim, who within the opening second of the movie tries to commit a suicide by leaping into Han river from a freeway bridge in Seoul. However he fails to drown and leads to an in-between abandoned island, from which he can not escape as he can not swim. Finally, he succumbs to his castaway life as a contemporary Robinson Crusoe and even begins having fun with it. A part of info comes kind voiceover – the character expressing his ideas. However many of the efficient comedic moments come via visible – the movie used modifying strategies to make their punchlines a lot stronger and extra memorable.

“Birds style higher than fish. Possibly evolution is a strategy of changing into tastier,” the male Kim.

After we’re about one-third within the film, we meet the feminine Kim. She is a castaway in her own residence, who hasn’t stepped out in years, dwelling her life by way of on-line chats. Solely two days in a yr, throughout a Civil Protection drill when metropolis stops to a halt, she opens her blinds and watches the skin world. And one in every of today when she seems to be out, she sees the male Kim and decides to contact him. This can be a enjoyable reversal – often, the voyeuristic gaze comes from a male, and females are those who’re “checked out” and have to look stunning and cute (quite common in East Asian cultures). On this case, the feminine has the gaze energy and it’s in her palms to make the primary transfer to contact the male character. This provides her confidence that she in any other case didn’t have. And, after all, this “wanting and being checked out” sport supplies plenty of comedic prospects that the movie makes use of. Castaway on the Moon is a humorous, quirky and clever movie. A parody of modernity with realization of its inevitability. And typically, even within the alienated city world, we will discover a true connection.

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