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DC’s Titans: Every Superhero, Ranked


The Titans make up a variety of the strongest superheroes in all of the DC Universe. However, with an array of Titans available on the market, score them is definitely not the most effective issue to do. With characters having super-human powers, mystical abilities or superior combat skills, deciding on the strongest can flip into an unimaginable course of. Nevertheless don't worry, we've acquired you coated.

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From founding members of the Titan group to villains-turn-heroes all one of the simplest ways to the necessary characters that make the workforce pretty distinctive (along with some pop-ins from Doom Patrol), listed beneath are the 11 best Titan heroes, ranked!

11 Elasti-Girl

Elasti-Girl, additionally known as Rita, is a member of the Doom Patrol. Many followers are accustomed to Doom Patrol as a result of the quirky superhero group that took Beast Boy beneath their wing sooner than he was ever part of the Titans. The character is type of the mother decide, significantly to Beast Boy, however, her capabilities make her stand out as pretty the spectacular superhero.

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Not solely is she extraordinarily compassionate and considerate, nevertheless she possesses superhuman powers that allow her to develop to unimaginable sizes and stretch almost anyway; subsequently her determine, Elasti-Girl!

10 Robotman


Cliff Steele, who’s most generally called Robotic Man, will also be a member of the Doom Patrol. Whatever the origins of Robotic Man being unknown, it was revealed that Steele's human thoughts was transplanted into an enormous robotic physique, which locations him on the equivalent caliber as comparable characters equal to Cyborg.

Robotman, no matter not actually being a Titan, possesses some gnarly powers along with superhuman ranges of bodily energy, endurance, and immense resilience to bodily and energy assaults! These qualities merely make Robotman worthy of some extent out, to say the least!

9 Unfavorable Man


Unfavorable Man, additionally known as Lawrence Trainor, is best acknowledged for his perform on DC Titans as a member of the Doom Patrol. He first appeared throughout the Homecoming Half 1 and has since made a variety of appearances on the Netflix hit. His sarcastic and matter-of-fact perspective makes him pretty an attention-grabbing addition to the cast, however, it is his powers that make him pretty distinctive.

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Unfavorable Man is ready to making a unfavorable energy duplicate of himself that emerges from his private physique, which is then in a position to destroying completely something from machines, settings of bombs, and great energy. However, the one downfall with him is that he can solely keep out of his physique for one minute, which could not be the simplest when his powers are needed most.

eight Jason Todd

Jason Todd first appeared in Batman #357 and is most acknowledged for his perform as Batman's assistant. He has a variety of notable aliases that comic followers have been able to watch, however, with reference to DC Comics sort out the Titans, he steps in as a result of the choice for the current Robin, Dick Grayson. No matter him having extreme combat skills, there isn’t a such factor as a method we could place Jason Todd above the distinctive assistant to Batman.

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Although he is also stepping in as a result of the second Robin, Todd constructive does have a number of energy, and a manner of self-awareness that brings a model new and thrilling essence to the character, making him a steady contender for making this itemizing!

7 Dove

DC Comics

Dove is the second half to superhero, Hawk! The dynamic duo is best acknowledged for his or her blended strengths as a workforce, however, we figured we'd give them each a spot as they every ship one factor to the desk. Dove is notorious throughout the comics for her strengths and capabilities that had been empowered by the Lord of Order and Peace. However, this story surrounding Dove's powers has however to be explored on DC's Titans, subsequently, perhaps there could also be far more to this character than meets the eye.

6 Hawk

In relation to the most recent season of Titans on Netflix, Hawk is certainly thought-about to be a powerless vigilante, considerably than a superhero. However, he goes far once more throughout the DC world and started off as a Titan hero with extraordinary capabilities. First displaying in Showcase #75, and as a recurring Titan member, he possesses powers that allow him to point out proper right into a super-being with super-strength, stamina, tempo, and agility; along with quick therapeutic components that make him impermeable to a number of his opponent's dirty ideas. This in the long run makes Hawk pretty the extremely efficient member and one that provides the Titans with a manner of completeness.

5 Robin (Dick Grayson)

The Robins have been carried out by a vast number of completely completely different characters, however, with reference to considered one of many founding members of the Titans, Dick Grayson, he is a shoo-in for among the many best Titan heroes there are.

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No matter no Robin character, Grayson or completely different, ever possessing superhuman powers or abilities, the Robins have always been a variety of the best fighters out of the entire Titans. Their in depth knowledge on combat comes from the reality that they’d been truly educated by one of many epic superheroes ever: Batman.

4 Shock Girl

Donna Troy, who notoriously performs none other than Shock Girl, is undoubtedly one of many important members of the Titans. Although she might need pretty an advanced storyline courting once more to her foggy childhood, she is most acknowledged for her Shock Girl-like powers. Although many people are thrown off by the phrase "Girl," it's important to not let that fool you! Considering Shock Girl possesses superhuman energy, tempo, sturdiness, and glorious combat skills, she is fingers down a powerhouse energy that may’t be ignored at any worth.

three Beast Boy

Beast Boy, equally to Shock Girl, is often events not taken considerably due to the phrase "Boy," however, it's best to let his powers present merely how sturdy he actually is. Beast Boy has qualities that separate him from the rest of the Titan hero members and make him one of many distinctive out of the complete group. With shape-shifting abilities, he can rework himself into almost any creature he wants, which can undoubtedly can be found hand all through a battle. Whether or not or not he transforms proper right into a creature as small as a fly or large as an elephant, Beast Boy is always ready for his opponent and would possibly merely take them with out warning alongside together with his ever-changing animal transformations.

2 Starfire

In relation to Titan heroes, no person greater includes ideas than Starfire! She is and never utilizing a question considered one of many strongest Titans and one which must be approached with important warning. If the determine isn't intimidating enough, Starfire has acquired some gnarly superpowers that put her in a league of her private.

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With abilities to take in ultraviolet energy and emit it on almost whoever she wants, she is definitely not anyone you'd have to tick off. Alongside collectively together with her disintegrating energy powers, she moreover possesses super-strength, which is strictly why she falls so extreme atop this itemizing.

1 Raven

In relation to power and energy, no completely different Titan can declare these titles as best as Raven. Not solely is Raven one of many important Titan heroes, nevertheless she is properly one of many extremely efficient DC characters of all time. Considering she is the half-human daughter to the extremely efficient demon, Lord Trigon, it goes with out question that she’s going to take care of almost any villain that comes her method.

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Although she is also extremely efficient, possessing magical powers and the facility to teleport and switch objects collectively together with her ideas, she finds herself having trouble controlling her powers, making her all that reasonably extra of a menace.

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