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Game Of Thrones: 15 Fan Theories That Were Confirmed (And 16 That Still Could Be)


Game of Thrones (GoT) has all the time been shrouded in secrecy, however some followers already know the way it ends. George R.R. Martin admitted that he has met devotees who precisely predicted the ending. Nonetheless, when a narrative has as many transferring elements and dynamic parts as A Track of Ice and Fireplace (ASOIAF), sheer likelihood states that somebody will make the appropriate guess ultimately. Just a few folks understand how GoT will finish, however everybody has a guess, prediction, or principle. ASOIAF debuted at a time when the Web was revolutionizing fandom. Martin’s world-building virtually begged followers to obsess over particulars, and his leisurely writing tempo has supplied ample time to develop extremely advanced theories. Whereas a few of these are believable or bonkers, some are each.


Right here, we dive into the fan theories that really got here true and those that also may. This record primarily focuses on the TV present, however these theories are clearly additionally featured within the books. In some circumstances, a fan principle is true for the TV present however not for the books (at the very least not but). As season eight approaches, the world is overrun with GoT theories. Whereas this record can’t probably embrace all of them, we went with those who had been each probably and interesting. Like GoT itself, these theories are sprawling, heart-breaking, and suspenseful all on the similar time. We don’t know who will find yourself on the Iron Throne, however a few of these theories are clues and a few of them are pink herrings. Mainly, all of them have grave implications for Westeros. Right here is Game Of Thrones: 15 Fan Theories That Had been Confirmed (And 16 That Nonetheless Might Be).

31 Might Be: Dany Turns into the Villain

Daenerys may be the villain. One Redditor argues that Dany is already a villain from the angle of Westeros as a result of she’s the daughter of an ousted ruler conquering Westeros with international armies. Her advisors are additionally dishonored Westeros elite.

Past politics, some suppose she’s going to develop into depraved. These theories level to her ancestry and previous thirst for gore. Her father famously went insane, and the Targaryen lineage is riddled with insanity. She has additionally displayed a violent streak, which Tyrion has tried to boring. In different phrases, her ethical inclination as ruler is up for grabs, and the ultimate season might see her going to the darkish aspect.

30 Confirmed: There Be Ice Dragons

Theories about ice dragons in GoT have been round for some time, however they actually heated with season seven. Their existence was confirmed within the penultimate episode when the Night time King resurrected Viserion because the dragon equal of a White Walker.

That second proved the ice dragon principle right, however not in the best way that each fan thought. One principle predicted that the ice dragon hailed from Winterfell and that Jon would journey it. This appears unlikely now, however different theories had been extra in keeping with what occurred on the present.

29 Might Be: The White Walkers Win

GoT isn’t any stranger to sad endings, and that is what many followers predict for season eight. Theories embrace the Night time King taking the throne, and whereas they range, most of them spell doom for the present’s characters. A extra hopeful, however anticlimactic principle from a Reddit consumer says that the characters will flee to Essos the place Dany will rule.

Nonetheless, some theories are extra advanced. One other Redditor predicts that Dany will wound Jon with dragonglass, permitting him to develop into the brand new Night time King and lead the White Walkers again past the wall.

28 Confirmed: The Resurrection of Jon Snow

This is without doubt one of the most well-known fan theories of all time, and in addition one of many best to foretell; the Night time Watch mutiny in opposition to Jon and stab him lifeless. Each the books and present used this second as a cliffhanger, and within the run as much as season six, virtually everybody was teeming with theories.

On one hand, Jon’s resurrection was inevitable. Each the books and the present had been clearly setting him as much as be a hero, however on the similar time, that is GoT, and nobody was imagined to be off limits. In fact, Jon does return. Just like the character, followers breathed a sigh of reduction.

27 Might Be: Jaime is the Prince that was Promised

Most guesses about Azor Ahai (a.ok.a the Prince That Was Promised) contain Dany or Jon, though each title from Bran to Tyrion has been bandied about. Of all the surface Azor Ahai theories, the case for Jaime Lannister has caught on probably the most.

In depth write-ups by Mashable and blogger Dorian the Historian, elements of the idea counsel that Jaime could possibly be Targaryen or one head of the more and more unlikely three-headed dragon principle. His golden hand may be symbolic of Lightbringer (Azor Ahai’s well-known sword), and his journey has been considered one of redemption and development, priming him for time within the highlight.

26 Confirmed: Benjen is Coldhands

That is one fan principle that’s true for the present, however not for the books. Within the books, Coldhands is a mysterious determine past the Wall who has sometimes helped some characters. He’s considered half wight, and the books make it clear that he hasn’t been actually alive for years.

Followers wagered that Coldhands could possibly be Benjen Stark, who disappears early within the story past the Wall. Martin has denied this clearly and strongly, however the present has used Benjen as a stand-in, even giving him elements of Coldhands’ origin story.

25 Might Be: The Cleganebowl

Enterprise Insider declared it the second “followers have been ready years to see.” They had been speaking in regards to the face off between brothers Gregor “the Mountain” and Sandor “the Hound.” This has come to be referred to as the Cleganebowl.

When Arya left the Hound to go, many thought it wasn’t going to occur, however the Hound’s re-emergence revitalized hopes. The 2 lastly had been face-to-face within the season seven finale the place the Hound roughly confirmed that he desires a struggle. As a result of it hasn’t occurred but, we will’t say that it’s confirmed, but it surely’s probably the most believable theories on this record.

24 Confirmed: The Freys Make Humble Pie

Arya will get her revenge on the Freys on the finish of season six, partly by feeding Walder Frey pies made from his sons. This was a stunning second that readers didn’t count on. Within the guide, Arya doesn’t take revenge on the Freys; as a substitute, Wyman Manderly, a minor character loyal to the Starks, provides the Frey clan pies of questionable contents.

The contents of Manderly’s pies went unsaid within the books and have become some extent of thriller for some readers. Arya’s actions within the present, in addition to feedback by Martin, have given followers closure.

23 Might Be: Tyrion is Targaryen

This principle is controversial as a result of it’s equally believable and unlikely. The speculation states that Tyrion’s father is definitely the Mad King, provided that he and Joanna Lannister lived on the similar time and knew one another. Bustle compiled a listing of clues all through the present.

This feeds into one other principle that Tyrion will even journey a dragon as per the three-headed dragon prophecy. Since Viserion turned an ice dragon, many have deserted this principle; nonetheless, the potential of Tyrion the Targaryen lives on. No point out of Tyrion theories could be full with out acknowledging the very advanced, however unlikely D+D=T principle.

22 Confirmed: Jorah Finds a Remedy

Jorah’s journey on GoT has put him in some tight spots, however when he contracted greyscale, it appeared like his time was quick approaching. In fact, some followers knew higher. As Esquire reported, there was a small element that made followers consider that Jorah would discover a remedy.

When Sam is learning on the citadel, a guide he’s studying on dragonglass talks about its healing properties. Solely eagle-eyed followers who paused the present on the proper time figured this out (HBO later posted a screenshot on-line). Not lengthy after, Sam successfully cured Jorah of the illness.

21 Might Be: Jon and Dany Are Siblings

Some folks had been grossed out when Jon and Dany acquired collectively as a result of they’re aunt and nephew, however one principle posits that they’re brother and sister.

As Digital Spy explains, the books have left clues that Dany may’ve been born in Dorne. Because of this she may need one other little one of Rhaegar and Lyanna. Martin additionally mentioned that there’s “a little bit of a Luke Skywalker scenario” regarding Jon’s dad and mom, however many followers hope that he’s simply referring to R+L=J. In any other case, there’s an opportunity that GoT options not one, however two royal sibling love encounters.

20 Confirmed: Jon and Dany Get Collectively

That is each fan principle and fan transport. There had lengthy been murmurs that Jon Snow and the Daenerys Targaryen would meet one another, however by season seven, a lot of folks had been guessing that they’d do greater than meet.

These guesses would grow to be right, as proven in a pivotal second on the finish of the season. Nonetheless, followers didn’t count on for that tender, long-awaited second to be intercut with the revelation that the 2 are household. As a result of that is GoT, even the tender moments need to be uncomfortable.

19 Might Be: Bran is the Builder

Bran is considered named after Bran the Builder, his ancestor that constructed the Wall. Since Bran can time journey, it’s attainable that he’s that Bran. That is the gist of 1 principle.

Followers now speculate that varied occasions in ASOIAF might’ve been influenced by Bran. Paste‘s write-up means that Bran was the one who turned Aerys II into the Mad King. He may’ve been at Ned’s execution and he might even be the prince that was promised, however probably the most persistent principle is that Bran and his namesake are one and the identical, which signifies that Bran is the primary Stark and the one who constructed the Wall.

18 Confirmed: Arya Turns into a Faceless Man

The SFFWorld boards are a treasure trove of prescient GoT predictions, and considered one of them was that Arya would prepare as an murderer with the Faceless Males. Varied customers predicted that Arya would take up the sword and develop into a talented fighter.

The textual content and the primary season of the present have sufficient foreshadowing to make that apparent sufficient, however a decade earlier than the present premiered, some readers had predicted her touring to the free cities and coaching underneath the tutelage of Jaqen H’ghar. When Arya lastly started her coaching on the present, it was an thrilling second, but it surely wasn’t stunning for devoted followers.

17 Might Be: Tyrion Betrays Dany

Daenerys has been betrayed a number of instances on GoT, and a few followers are satisfied that there’s one other huge betrayal on the horizon, this time by Tyrion. Many followers had been alerted by Tyrion’s look and conduct whereas Dany and Jon acquired it on. So satisfied are some that Ranker has compiled all of the potential clues for this twist. This twist could be heart-breaking and demoralizing, and since that is GoT, very believable.

Some suppose his motivation is to save lots of what’s left of his home, whereas others suppose it’s out of jealousy over Dany’s coronary heart. This could possibly be a faux out akin to Arya and Sansa’s troubles in season seven, however for now, Tyrion followers are nervous.

16 Confirmed: Robb Needed to Go

The demise of Robb Stark was probably the most stunning moments in TV historical past. Readers of the third guide, A Storm of Swords, had already handled the occasion, however some followers knew that Robb Stark was doomed earlier than that.

A Reddit thread compiling all fan theories made earlier than the second guide, A Conflict of Kings, proved that some readers predicted that Robb wouldn’t survive by 1999. Some readers additionally found out that Joffrey wouldn’t survive as effectively. Whereas these theories didn’t predict the violent weddings that preceded Robb and Joffrey’s demises, they nonetheless hit the nail on the pinnacle very early into the proceedings.

15 Might Be: The Valonqar Prophecy

There are a lot of believable theories about Cersei. Certainly one of them, that she turns into the Mad Queen, has roughly come true. This results in the prophecy Maggy the Frog instructed Cersei when she was younger. On condition that the prophecy has principally come true, followers anticipate that Jaime will cease her simply as he did the Mad King. This fulfills the prophecy that Cersei will meet her demise due to her valonqar, or little brother.

Nonetheless, there’s one other principle that Cersei will go throughout childbirth. This is able to be poetic justice as a result of her dislike of Tyrion stemmed from an analogous occasion with their mom. Assuming that Jaime is the daddy, her little one is her son and little brother.

14 Confirmed: The Mountain Is…

For years, readers puzzled if the mysterious and imposing Ser Robert Sturdy was certainly the Mountain. There have been sufficient clues that it appeared greater than probably, however the occasions on the present basically confirmed it.

The Mountain was believed to have handed after being poisoned by Oberyn Martell, though the present made it fairly clear that Qyburn had plans for him. Following Cersei’s stroll of disgrace, a zombie-like armored knight emerged able to do Cersei’s bidding, and since then, the present has acknowledged that that is the reanimated Gregor Clegane. This places to relaxation an previous fan principle, now in the event that they’d simply inform us whose head is underneath that helmet…

13 Might Be: Different Forces Are Manipulating the Struggle

Scheming has all the time been part of GoT, however some schemers are nonetheless within the shadows. Some followers suppose that shadowy forces are manipulating conflicts in Westeros. One principle says that the Maesters have a conspiracy in opposition to Dany, and as Gamesradar explains, the Maesters need to remove magic from the world and let data govern; therefore, they oppose Dany and her dragons. This explains why Sam had so many obstacles in Oldtown.

One other principle, summarized right here, says that the Iron Financial institution will betray Cersei, which relies on the scene the place Cersei repays the Lannister debt to the financial institution. This frees the financial institution to again one other home. As many famous, it’s ironic that the Lannisters may be undone by paying their money owed.

12 Confirmed: Littlefinger Meets the Large Hand

Petyr Baelish (a.ok.a Littlefinger) was considered one of GoT’s most colourful characters. Regardless of how followers could have felt about him, it was exhausting to disclaim he was compelling to observe. Naturally, theories emerged about if, when, and the way he’d meet his maker.

Reddit consumer Fire_away_Fire_away predicted that season seven could be his undoing, and that Sansa Stark could be the one to do it. Whereas this wasn’t solely correct — Littlefinger was predicted to depart through the moon door — it was Sansa who outwitted and doomed Littlefinger, even when it was Arya who carried out the sentence.

11 Might Be: Love for Brienne of Tarth

That is as a lot fan transport as it’s fan principle, however many GoT viewers are clamoring for Tormund and Brienne of Tarth to get collectively. Tormund’s unrequited curiosity has been a supply of levity for a present that isn’t identified for it.

The probabilities of a Brienne/Tormund relationship look fairly grim, although. Gwendoline Christie (who performs Brienne) dismissed it, rightfully mentioning that Brienne isn’t into it. There’s a principle, nonetheless, that she and Jaime discover love collectively. As one Reddit consumer identified, Jaime has mentioned that he desires to go within the arms of the lady he loves. Most viewers assumed he meant Cersei, however now, many have their odds on Brienne.

10 Confirmed: Tearing Down the Wall

As quickly as any wall is constructed, folks begin guessing when it can fall. For GoT, these rumblings turned simple because the present went on and Insider posted their prediction in 2016. When the occasion lastly occurred, HuffPo’s headline learn “Legendary ‘Game Of Thrones’ Principle Lastly Goes Down In Season 7 Finale.”

Even when the Wall was sure to fall, followers couldn’t agree on how it might occur, however Buzzfeed summed up a number of the prospects. These included the White Walkers strolling across the Wall, utilizing magic, and naturally, utilizing an ice dragon to tear it down.

9 Might Be: There Could Be Infants

Kids and lineage have all the time been essential in GoT, so it’s not stunning that being pregnant theories are an enormous supply of surprise. One principle means that Cersei will not be truly pregnant whereas one other says that Dany is. Each have implications for Westeros. If Cersei is mendacity, then this can be a signal of her ruthlessness, however a variation on this principle argues that Cersei isn’t pregnant however going via menopause.

The Dany being pregnant principle is stunning as a result of she is meant to be infertile. If she is pregnant, it solely helps her declare to the throne by making certain that there’s an inheritor.

eight Confirmed: Tyrion Turns into Dany’s Hand

Issues haven’t all the time gone effectively for Tyrion, and he has been the topic of assorted predictions over time. One of the crucial enduring Tyrion-related theories was that he would aspect with Daenerys over his household. Greater than 5 years in the past, Reddit customers had already agreed that Tyrion was sure to be Daenerys’ official advisor.

The present confirmed this principle in the direction of the top of season six, that means that followers had caught on effectively earlier than anybody made it official. In fact, followers didn’t understand how Tyrion would find yourself in that place, in order that they nonetheless had loads of theorizing to do till the present’s reveal.

7 Might Be: Bran is the Night time King (or the Three-Eyed Raven)

Bran has develop into a constant supply of fan theories, and one principle argues that Bran is the Three-Eyed Raven. Whereas this will appear apparent given Bran’s new skills, the idea is extra particular because it states that the person who was educating Bran within the cave was truly Bran, however older.

On the reverse finish of that principle is one that claims that Bran is the Night time King. The thought is that Bran ultimately will get caught in a time loop and turns into the Night time King when his physique is trapped in a wight, with some viewers citing a resemblance between the 2 as proof. This is without doubt one of the wilder theories that appears extra believable as time goes on.

6 Confirmed: The Return of Gendry

For a very long time, the final time audiences noticed Gendry he was rowing a ship. Seasons handed with out him, and followers assumed he was nonetheless on the market, rowing.

After actor Joe Dempsie was seen on set, followers started to take a position that Gendry would return. This was confirmed within the fifth episode of season seven when Sir Davos retrieves Gendry, who’s carrying a warfare hammer similar to his father did. For many who remembered what Ned mentioned of Gendry (“If the day ever comes when Gendry would moderately wield a sword than forge one, ship him to me”), seeing him palling round with Jon Snow was a long-awaited delight.

5 Might Be: Euron Will get a Dragon

Euron Greyjoy first seems in season six when he seizes management of the Iron Isles. His sudden look and swift rise to energy made followers suppose that the writers had been positioning him for one thing huge.

Readers of the guide famous that Euron is in possession of Dragonbinder, a magical horn that might give him management over dragons; that’s one a part of the idea. Reddit consumer bearigator outlines the idea that Euron could have a Kraken. We’ve seen ice dragons, and there are hints that sea dragons, or Krakens, exist in ASOIAF. A 3-way dragon struggle could possibly be a shock that throws (some) followers for a loop.

four Confirmed: R+L=J

Essentially the most well-known ASOIAF principle, and probably the most well-known fan theories to ever come true, R+L=J means “Rhaegar + Lyanna = Jon”. As Ranker identified, this principle appeared as early as 1998, and it’s exhausting to think about one other with such sweeping implications for the entire story.

Even when followers noticed the idea coming, it upended the battle for the Iron Throne. Showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss needed to realize it (and guess who Jon’s mom was) earlier than Martin would signal over the rights to the guide. For many who don’t know: Jon Snow is the kid of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark.

three Might Be: It’s a Story Inside a Story

This principle comes straight from the opening credit as some followers consider that GoT is a narrative inside a narrative. The storyteller would in all probability be a maester, with Sam as a probable possibility. He has been seen writing on the present, and this might be a method of bringing the story full circle.

A special principle proposes that the whole lot is going on in a large’s eye. As Winter is Coming defined, Robb Stark first mentions an previous story the place everybody lives within the blue eye of a large, and Oberyn repeats a variation on this seasons later. The season seven teaser featured a blue eye that ended up being a White Walker, however some followers are nonetheless satisfied.

2 Confirmed: Holding the Door

The tragic paradox of Hodor was revealed within the fifth episode of the sixth season. We be taught that his title is definitely a mushed recital of “maintain the door,” the final command he was given. It was probably the most saddening moments in a present that has no scarcity of them.

It was additionally probably the most stunning. With so many alternative plot arcs and characters, to not point out time journey, most viewers didn’t count on a Hodor origin story, however some followers did. As Newsweek reported, a fan guessed the inspiration for Hodor’s title in 2008. Much more surprisingly, the guess began out as a joke.

1 Might Be: Ice Versus Fireplace

Regardless of this being a track of ice and fireplace, some followers are satisfied that Jon and Dany might be enemies. One of the crucial concerned ice v. fireplace theories (examined right here) argues that Dany is the villain, and Jon will lead the Walkers in opposition to her, probably discovering an ice dragon within the Wall.

One other principle relies on Azor Ahai. He needed to assault his spouse to make the sword Lightbringer and vanquish the undead. Theories like this one from Redditor Saravian argue that Jon must do the identical to Dany, both to style himself a correct weapon or to make her half White Walker so that there’s peace between the species.

What different fan theories do you suppose might nonetheless be true on GoT? Tell us within the feedback!

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