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The Walking Dead: 8 Unanswered Questions After The Midseason Premiere


Listed below are all the huge unanswered questions from The Strolling Lifeless season 9's midseason premiere, "Adaptation." Returning the newest winter break, The Strolling Lifeless had a great deal of enterprise to maintain after the gorgeous debut of the Whisperers and subsequent lack of lifetime of Jesus in remaining yr's midseason finale. That exact same episode moreover ended on significantly of a cliffhanger, with Michonne, Daryl and a handful of others surrounded in a graveyard by a mixture of their new foes and, inside the phrases of Eugene, the "genuine recipe" undead.

This predicament solves itself in anticlimactic vogue, as a result of the protagonist group form of merely stroll away from their aggressors and, from that point, the episode settles right into a well-recognized groove. The Strolling Lifeless midseason premiere follows-up on Negan's jailbreak, introduces a lot of of the precept Whisperer contingent and continues to tease unseen events that occurred all through the latest time bounce. Elsewhere, Rosita makes a life-changing reveal that brings the AMC mannequin of The Strolling Lifeless just a bit nearer to its comic information provide supplies.

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With some answer to go until the neighborhood truthful that may supposedly dominate the last word act of The Strolling Lifeless season 9, a great deal of questions keep unanswered coming out of "Adaptation." Listed below are most likely essentially the most pressing factors from The Strolling Lifeless season 9.

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Who Trapped Alden and Luke?

Arguably an important question raised by The Strolling Lifeless's midseason premiere comes inside the episode's remaining scene. The Strolling Lifeless's gradual introduction of the Whisperers has come about by the use of a set of ill-fated expeditions: Eugene and Rosita ventured out first, Michonne's group acquired right down to rescue them and now Alden and Luke have taken off after the second group didn’t return swiftly enough.

Unsurprisingly, this latest search get collectively rapidly falls foul of the Whisperers after Luke is tricked into pondering a path of arrows has been left by his good buddy, Yumiko. In actuality, the arrows have been positioned by a shotgun-wielding female Whisperer to trick the boys into an ambush. Whereas it's arduous to tell one Whisperer from one different under their lifeless pores and pores and skin masks (that's partly why they placed on them), the decide seen proper right here isn’t any irregular foot-soldier, nevertheless Alpha, the chief of the Whisperers carried out by Samantha Morton.

Although her look is short-term, and her exact face stays unseen, this second marks the debut of The Strolling Lifeless's subsequent prime antagonist after Negan and supplies a small hint at what the three communities will rapidly be coping with. Clearly, Alpha is artful, ruthless and has a number of followers in a position to do her bidding.

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Who Is Lydia?

After the Whisperers' graveyard assault and subsequent pursuit fails, Michonne and Daryl deal with to grab thought of one among their new enemies – a youthful, teenage girl who seems frightened nevertheless stays to be unwilling to disclose any particulars about her people. The lady is taken once more to the Hilltop and interrogated with out success, prompting Michonne to remind Daryl that he "is conscious of what to do" if the prisoner proves to be of no use. Evidently, not relaxed with the idea of killing a teenage girl, Daryl resumes his questioning nevertheless is unable to get straight options until he engineers Henry, in the meanwhile in jail for ingesting booze, as a knight in shining armor. The ruse works and Daryl overhears the girl telling Henry that her title is Lydia.

Carried out proper right here by Cassady McClincy, comic readers will know that Lydia is unquestionably Alpha's daughter, and goes on to play a significant operate inside the forthcoming battle between the three communities and the Whisperers. Already, the TV iteration of the character has slight deviations; darkish hair instead of blonde and Henry as a love curiosity instead of Carl, nevertheless the seize of Lydia does prepare a future confrontation on The Strolling Lifeless straight out of the comic books.

Possibly essential question regarding Lydia is whether or not or not or not she may very well be trusted. Whereas {the teenager} does appear genuinely frightened by Daryl and Michonne, she moreover manages to cowl all the very important particulars regarding her group. Is the scared teenager routine merely an act? Or is there additional to Lydia's life with the Whisperers than meets the eye?

What Do The Whisperers Want?

With the introduction of every Alpha and Lydia, concepts begin to present to what the Whisperers' intentions and targets are regarding the Hilltop and its fellow communities. Initially, the dispute looked to be about territory. Eugene and Rosita ventured out further than anyone had beforehand within the hunt for a radio tower and apparently encroached on Whisperer territory, lastly leading to deaths on both facet.

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Nonetheless, Lydia later cries "we’ve been going to kill you anyway" whereas being interrogated by Daryl. This may really be one different of {{the teenager}}'s lies nevertheless it is likely to be uncommon for Lydia to make up such an element if her intention was to placate Daryl and stay away from getting harm. Possibly then the girl is being reliable and the Whisperers would've moved in opposition to Hilltop and Alexandria irrespective of whether or not or not anyone intruded on their territory.

Whereas Lydia's plan stays a thriller, Alpha's intention in capturing Alden and Luke is manner clearer. Hilltop have a Whisperer prisoner, the chief's daughter no a lot much less, and the Whisperers have two captives from Hilltop. Alpha most likely intends to produce a commerce, as instructed by the newest trailer for the second half of The Strolling Lifeless season 9.

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Has Negan Truly Turned Over A New Leaf?

The Negan seen in The Strolling Lifeless midseason premiere is undoubtedly a very fully completely different character to the one which hit a Glen-shaped dwelling run in season 7 and followers may very well be forgiven for starting to suppose the jailbird may be on a road to redemption. As an illustration, Negan tells Judith that he’ll not harm anyone, even once they try to break him. At first look, this appears like typical Negan misdirection nevertheless there's a contact of authenticity to Jeffrey Dean Morgan's provide proper right here that hints on the promise presumably being actual.

Additional examples of Negan's altering angle come when he revisits the Sanctuary, now bare and deserted. After a interval of feeling sorry for himself, Negan decides to take his frustrations out on the native zombie inhabitants nevertheless unusually hesitates to kill one among many walkers, who he acknowledges as former follower, Large Richie. Lastly, in spite of everything, Negan takes out poor Richie (and with a hilarious one-liner no a lot much less) nevertheless his preliminary hesitance does as a minimum hint in path of a softening of the character.

This theme is explored in higher component on the end of the episode, when Negan lastly returns to Alexandria and asks Judith to be put once more in his cell. It's far too early to be considering Negan a 'good man' nevertheless it's arduous to disagree that this Negan is not the Negan of outdated.

What Occurred To The Sanctuary?

Considered one of many biggest mysteries inside the first half of The Strolling Lifeless season 9 was the events all through the six-year time bounce. Maggie's disappearance, the X-shaped scars and Michonne's newfound rage all hinted at very important tales happening off-screen that viewers have however to seek out. One different thriller from that exact same interval points the autumn of the Sanctuary. Sooner than Carol worn out the Saviors for good, it grew to change into clear that one factor had occurred to the Saviors that not solely isolated them from the other communities, however as well as threw them once more out into the wild.

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"Adaptation" finds Negan revisiting his outdated stomping group, giving viewers a major check out the settlement since its demise. Sadly, the sequence doesn't provide an extreme quantity of rationalization as to what introduced on the Sanctuary to interrupt down. The developing has clearly fallen into disrepair, nevertheless which may merely as most likely be from years of neglect as from irrespective of introduced on the Saviors to go away inside the first place. One scene does uncover Negan making an attempt disappointingly at some soil, hinting on the farming factors which have been first talked about whereas Rick was nonetheless alive, nevertheless there's no conclusive reveal that explains why the Saviors couldn't survive there. Flashback scenes will definitely attribute in some unspecified time sooner or later this season to plug these gaps.

Having decided that life on the pores and skin wasn't all it appeared, Negan returns to the comfort of his Alexandrian cell by the highest of The Strolling Lifeless midseason premiere. Nonetheless, an actor of Jeffrey Dean Morgan's standing can't be cooped up inside four dank partitions for prolonged, so what happens subsequent to Negan?

Throughout the comics, Negan is freed by a disgruntled resident of Alexandria, sooner than killing his liberator and putting out solo for a short time. Since TV Negan has already decided in opposition to residing alone inside the wild, the AMC assortment is unlikely to watch the provision supplies on this express arc and writers may need to concoct a model new answer to get Negan once more among the many many movement.

This may be the place Negan and Judith's friendship comes into play. With a model new enemy of the horizon, Alexandria may rapidly uncover itself in decided need of military energy and this predicament may strain Negan onto the board, presumably at Judith's suggestion. {The teenager} has seen that Negan may very well be trusted to a stage and may provide him a possibility at redemption by endeavor a mission in opposition to the Whisperers on Alexandria's behalf.

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How Will Gabriel React To Rosita's Being pregnant?

Eugene makes an try to disclose his love for Rosita on this week's episode of The Strolling Lifeless and Rosita responds by figuring out of the room and throwing up. Truly not an encouraging sign for the budding Romeo. Nonetheless, Rosita's sickness was not, really, attributable to Eugene's advances, nevertheless by her newly revealed being pregnant. Complicating points further, Siddiq, who Rosita had a fling with sooner than coupling with Gabriel, appears to be the daddy.

With Gabriel as her current boyfriend, Eugene as her aspiring boyfriend and Siddiq because the daddy to her baby, Rosita's affections are in extreme demand correct now and it stays to be seen how Gabriel will react to the knowledge of her being pregnant. If definitely she decides to tell him.

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Throughout the comics, Rosita is unquestionably in a relationship with Eugene following the time skip, nevertheless turns into pregnant after an affair with Siddiq. Whereas she does reveal her state of affairs to Eugene, the scientist buries his head inside the sand, not wanting to know who the precise father is and promising to raise the toddler as his private. The plan is swiftly nixed by Rosita's lack of life and when Eugene does lastly uncover out the thriller man's id, he responds with sympathy in path of Siddiq, with every males mourning anyone they cherished.

On this week's episode, Eugene overhears Rosita's revelation, so it seems most likely that Gabriele will play the operate of the devoted confederate proper right here and vow to face by his woman, 'til lack of life does them half.

Why Does Judith Let Negan Go?

Judith's reputation as a miniature badass was boosted considerably in The Strolling Lifeless midseason premiere after {the teenager}'s no-nonsense angle to Negan's escape attempt. Seemingly the one explicit particular person in Alexandria actually in a position to monitoring anyone down, Judith finds Negan making an attempt to climb over the settlement's fence and components a gun squarely at him. No matter some highly effective phrases, along with an assurance that she will shoot him, Judith lastly lets Negan go free.

It's not immediately clear why Judith goes in opposition to her dad and mother' wants and there are a selection of potential causes for her alternative. Viewers have already seen Judith and Negan talk about secretly by the use of the latter's cell window, and this bond may suggest that Judith has developed a fragile spot for Negan. Alternatively, perhaps {the teenager} merely couldn't carry herself to shoot an unarmed man in chilly blood. It's moreover doable that Judith ultimately knew that Negan's life as a prisoner of Alexandria was nonetheless significantly better than residing on the pores and skin and assumed that the earlier Savior would come crawling once more ultimately.

Each strategy, it's clear that Judith has a maturity far previous her years and possesses a wiser head than most of The Strolling Lifeless's adults. It's moreover fairly apparent that definitely not does Judith take into consideration Negan a extreme menace. If solely she was the right age to remember that time he stabbed anyone to lack of life within the midst of the highway…

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On no account may "Adaptation" be thought-about one of many very important action-packed or fast-paced installments of The Strolling Lifeless nevertheless it did prepare a lot of new components of intrigue to be explored inside the forthcoming block of episodes. Negan's future is open-ended, the thriller of the Whisperers continues to evolve and the darkish interval of the time skip continues to be the elephant inside the room. With the inter-community truthful nonetheless to come back again, points are sure to heat up considerably inside the coming weeks.

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The Strolling Lifeless season 9 continues with "Omega" February 17th on AMC.

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